Brewing draft beer has never been this simple

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March 2018

Monitor the brewing process directly from your smartphone.

Pilot and follow the process directly from your smartphone. Access recipes,publish your own,  share tips and chat with other makea users through our app and community.

I like to follow the brewing process and access live statistics when waiting for my bus. - Marc André

Save time, no mess and no bad batches. 

"Enjoy to make your own beer"

Brew-it manages the brewing process from A to Z and is easily adaptable  to selected type of beer.  Our unique process offers you a very intuitive process allowing you to focus only on the tasting.

I brewed some beers in the past, but it's so complicated, so long that I never did it again!  - Marc Phillips 

Brew-it allows you to experience the satisfaction of brewing your own beer at home in a simple, fast and effortless manner. We let you choose and add the ingredients that suit your taste and let our beer-making kitchen appliance automate the time-consuming process of home brewing, which results in a unique tasting and brewing experience. 

Our library of recipes gives you a wide variety of options to explore and choose from, which you get to enjoy from a tap on the device. The quality and unique taste of the beer that you will produce is something that you will have to show off to your friends

Product description

About Brew-IT

Brew-it co. was founded in march 2016 by David Brouillette, a home brewer and passionate of craft beer. The project emerged from the Founder Institute 2016 cohort through customer development and after identifying important opportunities related to the beer home brewing process.  

We are currently finalizing the conception phase of our product and expect the commercial launch of our product in December 2016.

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